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Message from the CEO.

My name is Faizan Ellahi CEO of Intertech Gos, A Business Process Outsourcing and IT solution provider company with one mission: Create Futures by Innovating Solutions. Ultimately, we enable clients to become high-performance businesses by improving productivity, and efficiency while delivering measurable results. At Intertech Gos we think, build and create! Intertech Gos has strategically considered and has carved a niche for itself in providing world-class outsourcing and Consulting Services. We have concentrated on processes in which we have attained domain expertise. This enables us to better serve our clients and differentiate the company within the BPO industry.

Experienced distinction holder .

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with a demonstrated history of 10 years working in Digital Marketing and the BPO industry. Skilled in Strategic Leadership, Team Building, Business Planning, Graphic designing Management, and Growing Large-Scale International Businesses. Strong business development professional with a Master’s Degree focused in Computer Sciences from Punjab University Lahore and got Digital Marketing certification. Building and leading highly effective teams to drive growth and market share performance, and an entrepreneur and pioneer of new approaches to customer contact, having redefined standards of services for cross-sector businesses since establishing the Intertech Gos Company in 2010

Business care

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Consulting support

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