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Yellowbeamtech was seeking an agency partner that could deliver a modern, easy to manage website that could be effective on a global scale. Yellowbeamtech product library is large and highly technical. We needed to deliver both a consistent experience for how these are consumed by the user and managed by Yellowbeamtech on the back-end.


Yellowbeamtech creates extremely precise manufacturing outfit that allows other companies to make better outfit. Their field is largely specialized and it’s veritably easy to get overwhelmed. We demanded to produce a homepage that cut through the specialized slang and allowed them to effectively punctuate who they are, who they help, and how their products can be stylish used

This interactive mega menu structure helps callers snappily understand the different types of results Aerotech provides and put a visual to them. It also allows them to fluently engage with other crucial information on the website.

This service overview runner was designed to not only punctuate what Yellowbeamtech can do, but what that actually means to their prospective guests from a business perspectiveFaces and quotations from real Yellowbeamtech  workers help add a mortal touch.

The approach

To find which resource performed what kind of tasks on which projects and for how much time. Also, generate the report of the tasks performed during a particular period for assessing the productivity of each resource.


Major Challenges in Web Application Development · UI/UX design · Performance, Security and threats.

Project type

Technology website with different features and categories for better user approach.


The project was delivered within a week after the finalization of the scope.